Cycling Guide

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From health benefits to enjoying the great outdoors, cycling has become a popular — and pricey — hobby for millions of Americans. Serious bicyclists will spend tons of money not only on high-tech bikes, but also lots of gear and travel that help them enjoy their two-wheeled lifestyle.

This section, our Cycling Guide, helps you drive ad dollars around this lucrative demographic.

Cycling is an increasingly popular form of exercise as cities add bike lanes and clubs are springing up to make it more of a social activity. It’s also big business for sporting goods stores and bike shops that provide the trendy, cutting-edge accessories that cyclists clamor for.

You can download a complete sample section here.

The media is available in InDesign pages, ready-to-print PDFs, text and photos so you can re-arrange it for your market. It includes seven pages of content, plus tab and broadsheet covers.

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