Buy Now, Pay Later

When it comes to holiday ad revenue, it’s smart to plan early.

That’s why we’re offering a new option on holiday content this year: buy now, pay later.

When you order holiday content from Green Shoot Media, you can tell us when you want to receive the bill for it. You’ll be able to download the full content right away and use it to create sales flyers and start producing the sections ahead of time, then get the invoice when it works best for your cashflow.

If you’d like us to bill you later, just leave a note on the order form telling us what month you’d like to receive the invoice for your holiday content. It’s that simple.

We’ll bill you as late as January for this year’s holiday sections. Just use the “order notes” field when you check out to let us know the month you’d like to get the bill, and you’ll be able to download your full content as soon as you complete the order form online.

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