Is your pricing per page or for the whole section?

Our pricing includes all the content in the section for one low, flat rate. Papers can use as many or as few of the pages as they like.

Can you send me the tab (or broadsheet) version?

We only make one version of our content, and it’s designed to be used in both broadsheets and tabs. In a broadsheet, our content fills the top half of the page and an ad fills the bottom half. In a tab, our content fills an entire tab page and you sell advertising on the facing page. You can see the dimensions and technical details here.

I want to buy it. What do I do now?

All our orders are placed online at GreenShootMedia.com. Just find the content you want, add it to your cart and decide how you want to pay for it. At checkout, you can choose “Send Me a Bill” or “Credit Card.”

As soon as you check out, we’ll send you a link where you can download your content right away.

If you have questions or want to order by phone, call us at 256-275-4333 or e-mail sales@greenshootmedia.com.

Do you offer discounts for buying in volume?

Of course! Depending on how many products you want to purchase, we can offer discounts up to 40% for big orders (20 or more papers). We’ve made deals with major newspaper chains, and we can negotiate a custom group price for our corporate customers.

Can I customize your content?

Yes. Feel free to localize it, edit it, and re-design it to fit your needs.

How is your content delivered?

With a few exceptions (including older sections that were designed in Quark), all our sections are available in two formats: PDF and InDesign documents.

PDF FILES: Most papers use our PDFs. This is the easiest way to print a section — just pull our PDFs onto the page, build a custom-sized header at the top, and fill the remaining space with ads. It’s the simplest, easiest, fastest way to do it.

INDESIGN FILES: For papers that want to customize the layout — using their own fonts and style — we also include the InDesign for Mac files, high-res photos, and text. The InDesign files mean more work for your design department, but it allows for complete customization. You can re-size and re-build our content to fit your exact local needs.

We currently use InDesign CC. We also save the pages in .idml format, which can be opened by InDesign CS4 and CS5.

For papers that use Quark or older versions of InDesign, we include the text files and photos that you could re-build using whatever design software you prefer.

What size is your content?

Roughly 12 inches square. The live area is precisely 12.1 inches wide by 11.6 inches high.

Will your content fit my paper’s size?

Probably so. You can download our sample PDFs and have your graphics department pull them onto your local page templates to be absolutely sure. You can fit the PDFs to the width of your page, then build a custom page header (or sell a strip ad) to fill any remaining space on the page.

Can I redesign the content to flow around ads?

Absolutely! We always include the text files, photos and page layout documents so you can change the look however you like. This means you can place advertisers next to specific stories and make the look match your own newspaper’s design style if you want. It’s entirely up to you and your design team.

Do I have to print the photo credits?

Yes. We license photos for our customers to use in Green Shoot Media products, and part of our licensing agreement is the mandatory photo credit.

Can I use the photos in other products?

No. We license the photos for use only in Green Shoot Media products. The photographer owns the copyright to the photos, so any use outside of Green Shoot Media products is not authorized.