Sparky the Reindeer Storybook

If you want a fun, creative idea to get attention in your market, take a look at this: our illustrated children’s storybook that you can customize and print as a tab. See more details below.

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Product Description

Our “Sparky the Reindeer” story is a cute Christmas tale that takes place in your community. Using details from your local area — such as the names of a school, a church and several businesses — it tells how Sparky becomes the newest member of Santa’s reindeer team after he visits your town and learns about celebrating Christmas.

• Name of your city or region
• A travel agency
• A retailer
• A hospital
• Your mayor’s name
• Your police chief
• Your fire chief
• A flower shop
• A tire shop or garage
• A school
• A church

When you order it, we’ll send you a blank template that your graphics department can customize. Or, if you prefer, you can fill out this form online and we’ll do the customizing on our end in time to send you a finished section within three business days.

The media is available in InDesign pages, ready-to-print PDFs, text and images. It includes a 12-page storybook, including the tab-size cover.


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• InDesign documents • High-resolution PDFs • Text files • Photos


12, including the cover

Cover designs

Tabloid only